Dudley Puppy is main protagonist in the series T.U.F.F. Puppy . He is a dimwitted and hyperactive mix


breed dog. He has a habit of chewing his butt. According to Keswick's DNA analyzation results,he is every breed of dog known to man. Because, Dudley is every breed it makes him a formidable agent. He is quite gluttous and childish which is often shown when he is hungry. His form of bravery and natural skills are an asset to T.U.F.F. in times of need. His catchphrase is "HI-GEE-GEE!!" and is often used when he blasts off.In Thunder Dog he is afraid of thunder until Kitty gets him not to afraid of it ,but in the end it is shown that he is afraid of the dentist.In Snap Dad it is reaveled that his mom , Peg Puppy, is still dating.


  • "HI-GEE-GEE!" (Various Episodes)
  • "Let's do this!" (Purr-fect Partners)
  • "Yo, Rat dude! You have something that dosen't belong to you!" (Purr-fect Partners)
  • "Not so fast dude! I'm part boxer! So lae her go!" (Doom-Mates)
  • "Eww burned cat! Not The Chameleon." (Doom-Mates)
  • "Oh no, it is a trap. The most awesome trap ever!" (Mall Rat)
  • "Trust her guys! She has good insticts!" (Mall Rat)
  • "Pizza without cheese?! This is the worst day ever! Somebody has to stop this mad man! (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "Its chessecake Snaptrap." (Operation: Happy Birthday)

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