Keswick 3
Keswick is one of the central protagonists of the series T.U.F.F. Puppy.He loves to make new inventions that most of the time either turns evil or shoots acid.He is one of the main agents at T.U.F.F. and go's on some missons.In Snapnapped, because he feel's underappreciaed at T.U.F.F., the evil Snaptrap tricks him to join D.O.O.M..It seems, like most agents at T.U.F.F. Keswick likes Quaky Duck.When he speaks he stutters. Though it is unknown what species he is,
it is known that he has pouch, gills, webbed feet, looks like a labradoodle ,and can lay an egg.In The Doomies, it is he says he is not in good terms with his parents, and in Dog Dish he says he has a brother named Stan and a sister.In Crusin' for a Bruisin' it is shown that he can't sing very well.It is shown that he is afraid of girls, but he talks to Kitty, has a sister and a mother. He wears blue jeans, brown shoes, a orange shirt with a black tie and white over-coat.He also has large glasses.


  • "This one doesn't have a number I just love bumper cars!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "Who puts mustard in a cherry pie, I'm mean seriously people!" (Dog Daze)
  • "No I'm Iron mu-mu-Mutt! Chief? You said you'd play with me. Ohhhhh..I am so fired! (Iron Mutt)